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Pickled Gherkin

Pickled Gherkins

Product Description

Our Indian pickled gherkins are made from baby cucumbers that grow in natural conditions. These gherkins are carefully hand-picked and pickled using a combination of acetic acid, brine, vinegar, or other natural solutions. They are then left to ferment, either through immersion in an acidic solution or thorough souring by lacto-fermentation.

During the fermentation process, the gherkins undergo a natural transformation as beneficial bacteria convert the sugars into lactic acid. This process adds a tangy and slightly sour flavour while enhancing the taste profile of the gherkins.

Our pickled gherkins offer a unique and delightful taste experience. They provide a crisp and flavourful addition to sandwiches, salads, charcuterie platters, and various savoury dishes.

We take pride in using traditional methods to bring you the finest Indian pickled gherkins. Each jar reflects the authentic flavours derived from natural fermentation. Discover the exceptional quality and taste of our pickled gherkins today.

Packing Details

Preserved in

Pickled Gherkins in Acetic Acid

Pickled Gherkins in Brine

Pickled Gherkins in Natural alcohol Vinegar


Pickled Gherkins available year-round




Fresh gherkins are graded in equal sizes


Light green yellow colour


Sweet & Sour







Length in cm




Our verities

Whole Gherkins

Slice, Round, Dices can be done  as per customer Specification

Drum Packing

Stored in 220,240,260 Ltrs Food Grade HDPE Drums

Pail or Bucket Packing

5 kg

10 kg

15 kg

Glass Jar Packing

380 ml

500 ml

1000 ml

Payment Terms

30% Advance & Balance 70% After Scanned copy of B/L

50% Advance & Balance 50% CAD

Port Of Loading


Our Process

The process that we are following is well defined and streamlined based on our experience and standardizations. Our process ensures the end delivery with highest customer satisfaction.

Receiving Raw Greens And Dry Culling

Quality Checking of raw greens received from the field and Removing Nubbins, Crooks, Virus, Bleach, Stems, flowers, muddy, soft, damage and fungus Fruits

Mechanical Grading

After removing the defects, raw greens are size wise and grade wise segregated in the Grading machine as per buyer’s requirements

Washing And Wet Culling

Graded Raw greens are soaked in the water for 10 min and transferred in to the washing machine for efficient washing of greens and wet culling again for final checking of washed raw greens

Storage And Quality Control

As per requirement of buyers Raw Greens will be preserved in barrels with medium like Acetic Acid, Natural Vinegar & Salt Brine solution and preceded with tapping and quality control check

Customer Inspection And Export

After topping and Quality Control check, finished products are inspected by the Buyer Quality Control and export our product in the containers to the port