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Alphonso Mango Pulp

Product Description

Alphonso mango pulp is extracted from high-quality and selected ripened Alphonso mango fruits. The fruit was introduced to India by a Portuguese explorer named Alfonso through Goa, and it subsequently spread to Ratnagiri in Maharashtra, Gujarat, and other parts of South India.

Commonly known as Hapus or Hapoos in Maharashtra, Alphonso mangoes are highly sought after in international and domestic markets due to their rich flavour and sweetness.

Alphonso mangoes are a seasonal fruit available from April until the end of June, making them highly valued. Due to their various applications in the food processing industry, Alphonso mangoes are widely preferred by mango pulp manufacturers in India.

As one of the leading Alphonso mango pulp contract manufacturers in India. We produce high-quality Alphonso mango pulp. Our products cater to both domestic and international clients, as we supply Alphonso mango puree worldwide. Additionally, Alphonso mangoes are also grown in different regions of Karnataka, known for their exceptional flavour, taste, and richness.

Packing Details

Mango pulp Variety 



Seasons May to July, Processed pulp available year-round




Homogenous puree & free of any foreign matter


Orange yellow colour


Characteristics of ripe Alphonso Mango fruit

Flavour & Aroma

Naturally ripen Alphonso mango without any off flavour

Refractometric Brix

Min 16


Beverages : Juices, Drinks, Nectars, Cocktail Sauce, Jam, Squash, Fruit Cheese

Drum Packing

Packed in pre-sterilized Aseptic bag 215 kg Food Grade MS Drums

Container Loading

80 MS Drums for 20 Feet Container


Stored in ambient temperature and not below 40`c .Avoid exposure to higher temperature and sunlight

Payment Terms

30% Advance & Balance 70% After Scanned copy of B/L

50% Advance & Balance 50% CAD

Port Of Loading


Our Process

The process that we are following is well defined and streamlined based on our experience and standardizations. Our process ensures the end delivery with highest customer satisfaction.

Receiving Raw Greens And Dry Culling

Once the mangoes reach our manufacturing facility, the high-quality Alpphonso mangoes are inspected and loaded into ripening chambers.

Mechanical Grading

The fully matured Alpphonso mangoes are fed into the conveyor belts for further processing. The stones and peels of the Alpphonso mangoes are separated by de-stoner machinery and sent out by a waste screw conveyor.

Washing And Wet Culling

During the manufacturing process, the samples of the Alpphonso mango pulp are collected to check the quality parameters meeting our customer’s specifications.

Storage And Quality Control

Samples regularly are analysed to prevent any microbial contamination. All batch samples of the Alpphonso mango puree are kept in a cold room for future verification.

Customer Inspection And Export

We have a strong technical team who manages the complete process and makes sure we deliver a product meeting international quality standards.